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logosautomation coaching packagesWhy don’t you just quit?
Go ahead and give up?

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 1.38.16 PMJust throw in the towel, cut your losses and go get a real job like everyone else. This is just too hard for you, isn’t it? You’re tired, money is tight, and your family is suffering because you just had to start a business. So tell me, how’s being a small business owner working out for you? Are you making money, or working pay period to pay period for your employees?

If you are anything like I was, there are certain parts of your life suffering dramatically. Your free time, money, family, friends, health or all of the above. This is not what you signed up for. When you started your company, you had big dreams. But now, those big dreams are slowly turning into one long nightmare.  

Honestly, I don’t want you to quit. In fact, knowing everything I know about successful business owners, there is no such thing as quitting in your mind. I know this because I am a business owner just like you. I started my first company (GetUWired) in my upstairs bedroom in 2003 when I was just 29 years old. I retired from that business when I was 40, and sold it at 43 to pursue my lifelong passion of serving other small business owners just like you, and just like I was when I started.


I built my first company into a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency, winning countless awards and providing me with the freedom and quality of life we all work so hard to achieve. Certain old school business philosophies combined with cutting edge cloud-based technology was what built and sold GetUWired.

A lot of people might think that I just “got lucky,” but the cold, hard truth is that I invested my time into things that are more worthwhile, like nurturing relationships, cultivating leaders, and sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years.  Eventually, I gained the experience it takes to be successful. Finally, my company had the ability to take off due to a strong, long lasting foundation that only grew with each passing year.

In other words, I worked smarter, not harder
—and it made all of the difference.

small business marketing automation consultant-1“With Lee’s guidance, we’ve made changes at WideNet that improve sales, production, overall employee happiness… and yet somehow also simplified my own position through the promotion and delegation to others. Though those seem like simple concepts, the way that he orchestrated the process of getting to that point was simply invaluable.”

Profits went up & Stress went down

small business coaching package

“Since we’ve turned our work over to GetUWired, everything has happened smoother, faster, more professionally, and with better results for us.  They’ve helped the profits of our company go up, stress level go down, and make everything go much smoother than it ever has before.  And I’m talking here about 17 years of experience
trying to figure out the right way to do it.  And once we had GetUWired aboard, we started doing it right.”

Have you ever heard the saying,
“If I only knew then what I know now?”

small business business automation consultantWell, if I had known what I know now when I was in my upstairs bedroom creating my first company over 13 years ago, I would have built my first company twice as fast and twice as big…and for the first 8 years I wasn’t lucky enough to have an experienced mentor there to guide me. Once I finally humbled myself enough to ask for help, running my company became fun again, I was more energized than ever and profits started to go through the roof. Basically I Made More and Worked Less.

Gotta love that, right?

automation coaching packages

“Lee didn’t learn this stuff at a conference.”
business mentor

“He’s really helped us with our mission and vision statements, our KPI framework, and really taken a look at our complete and total customer life cycle value. What I liked most from the experience is the fact that these aren’t things Lee learned from going to a conference or things he heard on a late-night webinar. These are things he’s learned by working with real businesses and by building his own business. And now he’s here to help other entrepreneurs … I couldn’t give him higher praise for some of the things he’s helped us do, and I would recommend, if you get the chance to work with Lee, make sure you do it.”

Again, success is not luck, it is planned and executed with a strong sense of purpose.

I’m not promising it will be easy, or that it will even be successful. What I am promising is that with the right guidance, you can achieve your goals and drastically improve your quality of life.

business automation mentorAfter selling my company, I sat down and really thought about what small business owners need to be more successful. As a result, I developed numerous programs, workbooks and mentoring classes that are 100% tailored specifically to you and your business. I know that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not what you need. What you need is a partner that will dive into the trenches with you.

So NO, I don’t expect you to quit, I expect you to roll up your sleeves and get the right guidance. I expect you to get mad at the situation that you’re in and take aggressive action to FIX IT. Hopefully that’s why or how you found your way to my website in the first place.

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